Job Information


At Pilgrim’s, Safety Is A Condition, which means the safety of our team members comes first - always.

We have implemented safety measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19. We are working to ensure social distancing within our facility. We have installed physical barriers throughout our facility such as plexi-glass or plastic barriers between team member workstations. Each day, temperature screens are performed for each employee and visitor before entering the facility. Face coverings are provided and required over the mouth and nose at all times when inside the facility, and enhanced cleaning and sanitation is regularly performed.

POSITION SUMMARY: At Pilgrim's this position is responsible for monitoring equipment performance and making adjustments and change overs. Set-up and close down of machines in the area is also required.

ESSENTIAL DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES include the following. Other duties may be assigned.

  1. Monitors equipment and makes adjustments to ensure quality and productivity standards are maintained while minimizing rework and downtime.

  2. Communicates with co-workers by notifying Maintenance, Supervisors/Lead, and Team Members of problems as needed.

  3. Completes basic PM checklist on equipment.

  4. Assists Team Members on the line and helps with rework or training of Team Members as needed.

  5. Prepares work area for start-up, change overs, and shut down, including gathering /setup/cleanup of all spice and Equipment, & selecting appropriate programs.

  6. Provides supplies needed for the operation of the machine/line (i.e. film, packaging, PPE, etc.).

  7. Assists with other line equipment making necessary adjustments as needed.

  8. Responsible for set-up and cover/close down of machinery in area.

  9. Maintains records and conducts periodic checks as directed.

  10. Assists in other departments as needed for basic, routine machine operation and break coverage.

  11. Enters Production Loss Accounting (PLA) information into required database.

  12. Other duties as assigned.

EXPECTATIONS – all Team Members

· Observe & enforce all company personnel, quality, safety, and food safety policies.

· Maintains a positive work atmosphere by acting and communicating in a manner so that you work effectively and cooperatively with customers, clients, coworkers, and leadership teams.

· Participates in process improvement and problem solving utilizing continuous improvement and rational thinking methodologies such as Six Sigma

· Recognizes and acts on all incidents and safety risks. Consistently practices and enforces safe work habits and drives those habits throughout the organization.


· Observe & enforce all company personnel, quality, safety, and food safety policies.

· Understand safety and quality standards.

· Understand and know product specifications.

· Trains other with the skills and knowledge gained from position.

· Must be pallet jack trained and authorized LOTO trained.

· Have the ability to work with minimal direct supervision.

· Flexible schedule required.

· Computer experience necessary.

· Ability to read and write English (for record keeping purposes).