Job Information

JBS USA Cattle Receiving Scaler B Shift in Cactus, Texas

General Description:

Responsibilities and duties will include, but are not limited to the following:

1) Identify ear tags and get paper work before unloading cattle.

2) Accurately count cattle as Unloaders are unlading. (If the counts don’t match must stop and re-count)

3) Create and place information into Computer system for back tag and drive sheet.

4) Assign cattle to the pen that they are being placed in.

5) Throughout the day must be able to deal with government why they perform Ante-mortem inspection. Also make sure that the drive cards have all required information and are accurate for USDA to sign.

6) Must be able to mark Downers and condemns, along with keep an accurate tally of the amount of cattle received throughout the day.

7) Create line up for the kill floor

8) Answer calls and take messages in the office.

9) Daily work tasks are fairly structured.


• Must be able to rotate from scale to scale in the slaughter department.

• A good knowledge of computer experience is required.

Working Conditions:

• Physical demands of this job are minimal, but daily tasks may cause stress.

• Hazards faced include chemicals, hooks and sharp objects.

• Work area is rather noisy with many slippery floors.

• Temperature in work area is very hot on a consistent basis.

• Employee will typically work 40-45 hours per week with overtime pay being paid out over 40 hours. Days worked will typically be M-F with some Saturday work if necessary.

Successful candidate must exemplify and be committed to high standards of Equal Employment Opportunity, including a “zero tolerance” adherence to Sexual Harassment and related policies as prescribed by the company.

Education Requirements: (if applicable)

• Minimum High School Diploma or GED equivalent preferred, but not required.

• Minimum 1 year experience in a packing plant.

Special Skills:

• People and management skills.

• Computer and math skills.

• 10 Key Pad knowledge.

• Bilingual important, but not mandatory as long as translators are nearby.