General Description:

• To operate K-Pak Machines.

• Be able to direct the workforce.

• Insure product is packaged properly with no product or moisture leaking out.

• Insure weight of product is accurate.

• Make sure all maintenance on the K-Pak machine is completed so production can continue.

• Prepare all pre-operational paperwork and insure HACCP forms are completed before start-up.

• Put K-Pak machine together at the start of the shift.

• Insure product is at right temperature for packaging.

• Prepare downtime reports for the K-Pak machine.

• Daily tasks are fairly structured.

• Job performance is evaluated by the Ground Beef Supervisor on product and packaging integrity.

• Attend and give input at monthly group meetings.

• Perform clip checks and seal checks every 20-30 chubs.

• Monitor every 5-10 chubs to insure proper weight of products.

• Make sure that the correct numbers of boxes are produced to complete each out-going load.

• And any other duties as reasonably associated with the above duties as assigned.

Working Conditions:

• Physical demands of this position may include lifting 80 lbs. rolls of packaging film to reload the K-Pak machine.

• Potential hazards of this position include sharp machinery.

• Work area is very cold and noisy.

• Employee will typically work 45-50 hours per week M-F with Saturday work if necessary. Overtime pay will be issued for all hours over 40 per week.


• Mechanical background

• General knowledge of entire ground beef department a plus, but not required.

Education Requirements (if applicable)

• Minimum High School diploma or GED equivalent.