Job Information


Position Title: Maintenance Superintendent

Department: Maintenance

Location: Plant

Salary Class: Exempt

Purpose & Scope: Responsible for all maintenance planning, coordination of maintenance department at a JBS/ Pilgrim’s facility and for organizing all activities related to the physical maintenance and sanitation of all company property and capital equipment. Will be overseeing Fab, Kill, and outside departments.

Principle Responsibilities: List and describe (in order of importance) the specific tasks, assignments, level of discretionary authority and/or functions performed.

The individual will carry out all Management responsibilities for the Maintenance Department in accordance with the organization’s policies and applicable laws. Responsibilities include meeting maintenance schedules, training and development, organizing, assigning work, problem resolution, counseling, budgeting, and evaluating performance and management of a highly effective work group.

  • Insure reliability of plant equipment and maintain downtime at 3 minutes per shift for the production areas assigned.

  • Meet downtime and operational goals for outlying areas such as ground beef, warehousing, wastewater treatment and rendering, as established by Plant Engineer.

  • Manage significant training programs to maintain the skill level of the hourly and salaried workforce.

  • Motivate interest in, and insure compliance with, stringent plant safety programs while maintaining high levels of labor efficiency and effectiveness in responding to breakdowns and plant interruptions.

  • Actively involve maintenance personnel in HAACP reviews and insure their expertise is used to improve food safety wherever applicable.

  • Manage an effective PM program as a core strategy in the improvement of plant performance and in the reduction of maintenance cost.

  • Maintain close communications with operations and other plant departments and develop an appreciation for overall plant performance issues in all employees within the area.

  • Assist the Plant Engineer in assuring continuous plant improvement.

  • Insure reliable and cost effective operation of systems that are often on line continuously. This includes steam generation, ammonia refrigeration, air compression, electrical distribution and others.

  • Develop capital investment ideas that support overall plant profitability and cooperate with Project Engineer in the implementation of these projects.

  • Participate in the development and maintenance of contractors and vendors to supplement plant resources.

  • Evaluate the performance of general supervisors, and hourly employees; take corrective or remedial action as needed.

  • Represent the entire area’s needs and point of view in discussions, with plant management, regarding technical standards, project scope development and accomplishment.