Job Information


Plant B Shift Scheduler Job Description

  1. Daily creation of B Shift fab make sheets

  2. Adjust cattle in Quintiq based on availability in inventory and forecasts from grading for the day.

  3. Fix order shortages by adjusting production plans in Quintiq, subbing product on orders, etc..

  4. Develop the make sheet by exporting the data from Quintiq into an Excel template and distribute to fab personnel.

  5. Develop the break sheet by exporting cattle headcount data, combo information, and any downgrades from Quintiq into Excel and distribute to fab personnel.

  6. Assist A-shift with creation of Value Added make sheets

  7. Develop schedule that has balanced production throughout the week with special attention to machine and trimmer utilization.

  8. Coordinate raw material transfers from the fab and kill floors to value added to maximize efficiency and order fill rates.

  9. Distribute make sheets to value added room for both A and B shifts.

  10. Assist A- shift with creation of Offal make sheets

  11. Fix shortages in Quintiq to maximize order fill rates

  12. Manage inventory levels to ensure proper product rotation and prevent old age.

  13. Distribute make sheet to kill personnel daily.

  14. Spend time in the fab, value added, and offal floors following up on make sheets and receiving feedback on ways to improve efficiency and make sheet accuracy.

  15. Closely engage with packaging supervisors to ensure proper packaging quantities are available.

  16. Work with the shipping team to provide direction on order shortages, product subs, late loads, etc…

  17. Manage inventory by addressing over makes, adding product to orders, reducing products on the make sheets, etc..

  18. Work closely with corporate schedulers regarding new products, forecast adjustments, order changes, new sales opportunities, order shortages, and any other communication as needed.

  19. Work with QA to identify product on hold and make sure product is reworked in a timely manner to ensure on-time delivery of product to the customer.

  20. Troubleshoot problems and concerns from the corporate office and sales.

  21. Arrange for appropriate reports to transmit to corporate office daily.