Job Information


Purpose & Scope: This position is responsible for assisting the farm meet production goals while leading hourly team members effectively. A successful Production Team Lead (team leader) exhibits great leadership skills by showcasing knowledge and competencies to the team members, giving them direction to go about their tasks and duties on the job. The team leader recognizes the contributions of every team member and encourages them to work together, sharing ideas and maintaining good relationships in the execution of production tasks. The team leader promotes the safety and well being of the team members and educates them on effective safety procedures.

Essential Responsibilities:

  • Monitor team members during production activities to ensure adherence safety procedures

  • Motivate team members to enhance production quantity and at the same time maintain high production standards

  • Serve as intermediary between team members and management to create healthy communication


  • Keep records and perform administrative tasks to include the following: (10%)
  1. Wand / Hand Held

  2. Work with Data Tech on getting info to them, Daily info, Corrections

  3. Flash information

  4. Treatment cards

  5. Recording on information on cards

  6. Wean projection counts

  7. Ear tagging

  8. Safety meetings and audits

  9. Animal welfare paperwork

  10. Feed ordering

  11. Supply inventory

  12. Meetings

  13. Employee schedules Gantt charts

  • Observe and support the daily work objectives of up to 6 hourly team members to include training and completion of the following tasks: (90%)
  1. Feeding

  2. Feeder adjustments

  3. Scraping feeders

  4. Dynamate given correctly

  5. Check feed system and fill lines

  6. Pre-starter given timely

  7. Watering / nipples working

  8. Computers setup ventilation

  9. Environment monitor

  10. Overrides Heater and fans set correctly and check if working before loading

  11. Micro-environment management

  12. Heat lamp set at correct height / Temp

  13. Inspect that rooms are clean and ready for new farrows

  14. Black mats correct placement

  15. Room set up / Barn set up

  16. Gel/sleeves/starch set up in each aisle

  17. Back gates open and ready to receive sows

  18. Animal welfare

  19. Animal movements

  20. Animal care

  21. Cleaning, afterbirth, dead pigs, scraping

  22. Sorting and FB management

  23. Processing pigs

  24. Nursery pig care

  25. Vaccinations

  26. Treatments

  27. Medication management

  28. Barn Flow

  29. Back pen management

  30. Breeding

  31. Heat detection

  32. Management of pits flushes or pull plugs

  33. Housekeeping duties

  34. Maintenance reported to Assistants or manager

  35. Rodent control

  36. Stun gun use and maintenance

  37. Any other tasks asked by Assistant or Manager

Travel: Occasionally, within a 30 mile radius

Required Qualifications:

• Strong communication and listening skills

• Understanding of computer systems

  • Demonstrated ability to solve problems and make decisions independently

  • Ability to effectively lead a team

  • Be a team oriented, self-motivated and positive individual with strong work ethic

  • Ability to efficiently multi-task in a fast-paced environment

  • Familiarity with Bio-Security and swine production

  • Proven safety track and awareness