Job Information


MAINTENANCE ELECTRICIAN (3RD SHIFT)This position is responsible for all electrical work throughout the facility involving all levels of voltage. This position is the one most responsible for the safe electrical operation and maintenance of the facility since this position is one of the few that specializes in a specific field of expertise.This position, given the unique nature of our operations, is also the most responsible for being proactive in the safe operation and repair of the electrical systems throughout the facility both during and following production.Skill Set (REQUIRED):

  • Must have a working knowledge of control systems and relay logic

  • Must have a working knowledge of electrical codes and standards

  • Must have a working knowledge of variable frequency drive setup and operation

  • Must have a working knowledge of scale controller setup and adjustment

  • Must have a working knowledge of all voltage ranges

  • Must have the ability to setup, maintain, install, troubleshoot, and repair all control systems as well as line voltage systems

  • Must be able to use manufacturer technical support as a troubleshooting tool to solve complicated issues

  • Must be able to read and follow electrical schematics to both troubleshoot and install equipment

  • Must be able to work safely and efficiently with or without direct supervision

  • Must have or be willing to obtain a HAZMAT certification and maintain it

    Daily Responsibilities:

  • Daily inspection and repair of all lighting and protective covers for lighting throughout the facility.

  • Daily inspection of the stunner cabinets to insure that the voltages being transmitted in the cabinet are consistent with the voltage readout on the control station

  • Inspect and repair all flex connections.

  • Answers to the on-shift Maintenance Supervisor for facility breakdown calls

  • Responsible to maintain the working stock of electrical parts that is separate from the parts we maintain in the Parts Warehouse.

  • Meet face to face with the outgoing shift’s electrician to give an account of the day’s issues as well as a face to face meeting with the oncoming shift’s electrician to pass on issues for the day’s run.

  • Enter and account for all time in SAP

  • Order parts and materials for both projects and repairs

    Ownership of:

  • Electrical safety and maintenance throughout the facility

  • Lighting throughout the facility

  • Cleanliness, neatness, and order of the electrical material storage area