Job Information


SOP Chick Delivery Drivers

  • Will need certification to operate a moffett for loading and unloading chicks

  • Do all Pre and Post inspections on truck and trailer

  • Fuel must be checked in the generators for the Smithway each day prior to loading. No generator = the possibility of dead chicks on the trailer

  • Replace filters in the Smithway trailer each morning before loading

  • Make sure the fans are working all the times when chicks are to be loaded.

  • A/C or heaters are working depending on outside temperature.

  • Maintain Driver Cam in operation and follow company rules and regulations

  • Trailer temp should be at least 72 Degrees before chicks are placed in the trailer. AW guideline.

  • Display on the outside of Smithway is to be monitor while chicks are in transit to keep from a malfunction or generator stopping. Driver will need to be trained on how to handle this potential situation.

  • Driver needs know the directions to the farm they are delivering to prior to loading chicks.

  • Place the house #’s for the farm as marked into the Smithway using the Moffett.

  • Ensure the pallets are placed in the correct position on the trailer.

  • Chicks are to be delivered to the farm as instructed on the paperwork that is generated by hatchery personnel. KEEP THE CORRECT NUMBER OF CHICKS IN THE CORRECT HOUSE #’S

  • Harness and secure the Moffett onto the back of Smithway trailer

  • Drive directly to the farm/ no stops

  • Remove the moffett from the trailer and begin removing pallets off the trailer.

  • Pallets are easy to tip and chicks will dump on the ground so must be very cautious when loading and unloading chicks.

  • Driver must remain focused not to run over equipment inside or outside of the Broiler houses.

  • Load empty pallets with empty chick boxes back onto the Smithway trailer

  • Secure Moffett to the back of the Smithway trailer when finished on farm

  • Return to the hathchery

  • Unload the Moffett and remove the pallets and empty chick boxes out of the smithway trailer.

  • Wash and clean out trailer at truck shop or on the west end of the hatchery in designated area after each hatch day, (change filters in trailer daily). Never put wet filters in the Smithway trailer.

  • Hours range from 40 to 50 hours per week

  • Drivers are currently traveling to Ft. Payne, AL twice a week to pick up chicks.

  • All local deliveries within an 80 miles radius.

  • PPE – Hard hat, safety vest, safety glasses ( once on the farm plastic pull over boots over drivers shoes)