Job Information


  • Oversees efficiency of monitoring production, scanning make sheet/product specifications, and discussing daily goals with Supervisors.

  • Responsible for overseeing the operations for designated area of responsibility, attends supervisor meetings, and reports work schedule to supervisors daily.

  • Directs supervisors with respect to production volume, quality, cost and meeting production schedules and delivery dates.

  • Participation in Operational Excellence project meeting project team no less than twice per year

  • Leverage advanced engineering skillsets to optimize production goals

  • Insure reliability of plant equipment and maintain downtime at lowest possible standard per shift for the production areas assigned.

  • Meet downtime and operational goals for outlying areas as established by Plant Manager and Plant Engineer.

  • Handle any employee grievance, dispute or problem in most efficient manner possible. Any unsolved matter taken up with Human Resources.

  • Maintain good employee relations and adherence to labor contract provisions.

  • Actively participates in group meetings, line meetings, and supervisory meetings.

  • Work with the Quality control department to insure product quality & food safety.

  • Train and develop supervisors to provide management depth and develop teamwork to attain department objectives.

  • Monitor and confirm the machinery, equipment and facilities are properly maintained and sanitized.

  • Motivate interest in, and insure compliance with, stringent plant safety programs while maintaining high levels of labor efficiency and effectiveness in responding to breakdowns and plant interruptions.

  • Assist the Plant Engineer in assuring continuous plant improvement

  • Develop capital investment ideas that support overall plant profitability and develop and cooperate with Project Engineer in the implementation of these projects.

  • Represent the entire area’s needs and point of view in discussions with plant management, regarding people, line and technical standards, project scope development and accomplishment.

  • Develop and grow a trusting relationship with the USDA to insure that their requirements are being met.

  • Communicate with line personnel, Supervisors and Plant Engineer in addition to plant management.

Working Conditions:

  • Production and maintenance settings

  • Exposure to various chemicals, machinery and knives

  • Working in cold/hot temperature

  • Frequent exposure to knives, hot water and production machinery.

  • Physical demands of this position may include a great deal of walking and stair climbing.

  • Environment consists of slick floors and loud noise.

  • Employee will typically work 50-55 hours per week M-F with some Saturday work if necessary.

Requirements: Describe necessary knowledge or skills, and type and amount of formal schooling, and work experience normally required to obtain these. Do not describe your own particular background.


  • Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering field required


  • 2-3 years proven supervisory experience in the food industry, industry-specific experience encouraged

Special Skills:

  • Ability to communicate effectively and respectfully, both written and verbally

  • Bilingual skills helpful

  • Capable of independent decision making

  • Ability to manage multiple priorities

  • Excellent conflict resolution skills

  • Demonstrates integrity and fairness

  • Able to quickly and effectively adapt to new and changing situations

  • Desire for continuous improvement

  • Shows compassion towards and has an interest in others

  • Basic computer knowledge required

  • Good organizational skills

  • Able to work assigned hours/days, including occasional weekends as required

  • Good attendance and safety records


  • Internal: Employees on the production line and plant management

  • External: USDA and Union

Supervision of Personnel: List titles reporting directly through you and number of employees reporting through each

  • Manages: Production supervisors and production employees