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PURPOSE: The purpose of this SOP is to educate all applicable employees on the specifics and task required when catching chickens and to increase the awareness of proper techniques. SCOPE : As a chicken catcher, you will need to catch certain amount of birds and know the proper placement techniques with birds being put into the cages. EXPECTED RESULTS: The expected results are as follows: a. To insure animal welfare guidelines are followed b. Count amount of birds loaded into the cages DESCRIPTION OF ACTIVITIES Critical Task 1 • Acquire and put on all required PPE (Safety glasses, safety vest, gloves (optional), arm sleeves (optional)). • Perform routine stretches before starting daily duties. Critical Task 2: • Walk the house (bed the birds) Critical Task 3 • Wait for cage to be set on blocks Critical Task 4 • Open cage door Critical Task 5 • Catch correct amount of birds Critical Task 6 • Load birds in cage one hand at a time. Critical Task 7 • Repeat process until cage is full. Critical Task 8 • After proper amount of birds placed in cage, shut the cage door EOE/Vet/Disabled .

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