Job Information


Position Title: Truck Washer

Department: Live Pork

Location: London, AR

Salary Class: Non-Exempt

Title of Supervisor: Truck Wash Manager

Purpose & Scope: Briefly describe the general purpose of this position. The statement should be a general summary of the responsibilities listed in the next sections.

Work with crew in truck cleaning to ensure heard health and safety. Following the instructions of the site manager work with the wash team to clean and disinfect livestock trailers

Principle Responsibilities: Describe job responsibilities/duties (e.g. monitor billing procedures), not tasks (e.g. sign requisitions), listing the most important first. Use a separate statement for each responsibility. Most positions can be described in 3-5 major responsibility areas. Minor or occasional duties should be combined in one last statement.

Wash truck and trailers as necessary and per day/hours required. Follow all proper employee safety measures and meet quality standards. Work wash crew under direction of manager. Climbing, crawling, standing as needed. Work in hot, cold and wet climates

Travel Required: none

Required Qualifications: Include education, skills, qualifications, and experience requirements

Must be detail oriented and enjoy hands on work.

Preferred Qualifications: Include education, skills, qualifications, and experience requirements

Previous Power washing experience is a preferred skillset. CDL preferred but not required.

Relationships/Contacts: Describe internal and external contacts, including supervisory responsibilities.

Will work under the direction of Lead washer and the Site Manager to wash trucks as directed.