Job Information

JBS USA PRODUCT MANAGER in Louisville, Kentucky


DATE: June 18, 2019

POSITION: Product Manager

LOCATION: Louisville


General Description:

  • Monitor all plant operations; encourage and confirm correct procedures are being followed to maximize value and increase productivity.

  • Audit products manually and receive audits to verify proper procedures and efficiency.

  • Test new products and packaging for cost effectiveness, efficiency and value.

  • Communicate in person or by phone with customers to increase satisfaction and knowledge of available products.

  • Examine previous day’s yields for variances and problems; determine reasons for variances; develop solutions/new procedures and implement as needed.

  • Arrange to have appropriate production records prepared and maintained.

  • Attend and schedule meetings.

  • Perform various other duties as needed.

Required Skills :

• Able to work 40+ hours per week in office and production setting

• Extensive knowledge and technical skill in a variety of production jobs

• Previous management experience in Industry

• Excellent written and verbal communication skills, computer knowledge

• Ability to handle conflict; interpersonal skills

• Ability to stand/walk for long periods

Education Requirements (if applicable)

• Associates degree (or higher) in related field

If interested, please apply at jbssa.com/careers or on indeed.com. Come see in HR for help on how to apply.

We offer a full range of benefits including health care, life insurance, and a 401 (K) plan.

JBS is an equal opportunity employer.


Closing date: until filled