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Position Title: Production Supervisor Engineer

Department: Operations

Location: Cut Floor

Salary Class: Salaried / Exempt

Purpose & Scope: Reports directly to the Operations superintended and has primary responsibility for the direction of the workforce to achieve all safety, quality and operational goals as set forth by facility management.

Principle Responsibilities: List and describe (in order of importance) the specific tasks, assignments, level of discretionary authority and/or functions performed.

  • Meet and exceed production goals set forth by plant management

  • Responsible for meeting volume goals though the improvement of efficiencies

  • Responsible for minimizing down time through engineering controls

  • Participation in Operational Excellence project meeting project team no less than twice per year

  • Leverage advanced engineering skillsets to optimize production goals

  • Responsible for increased volume attainment through process flow management

  • Improve employee safety by identifying hazards and problem shooting solutions

  • Manages labor to a zero budget

  • Proactively looks for ways to reduce cost through the elimination of excess raw material

  • Look for continuous improvement in operating processes and procedures and encourages hourly team member’s ownership of all processes

  • Completes daily production plans by scheduling and assigning employees; accomplishing work results; prioritizing; monitoring progress; revising schedules; resolving problems; reporting results on end of shift production summaries

  • Manages hourly employee’s timecards and vacation requests, ensuring accurate pay

  • Adhere to all product specifications to reduce claims and maximize yields

  • Increases employee retention and maintains good working relationships with the Union, USDA (meat), and all employees

  • Maintains a safe and clean work environment by educating and directing employees on the use of all control points, equipment and resources

  • Ensures food safety, human resources, and safety policies compliance by all production employees

Working Conditions:

  • Production and maintenance settings

  • Exposure to various chemicals, machinery and knives

  • Slippery floors, extreme temperatures and loud noises

  • High level of interaction with other departments and employees

  • 50+ hours per week, occasionally on weekends

Requirements: Describe necessary knowledge or skills, and type and amount of formal schooling, and work experience normally required to obtain these. Do not describe your own particular background.


  • Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering field required


  • 1-2 years proven supervisory experience in the food industry, industry-specific experience encouraged

Special Skills:

  • Ability to communicate effectively and respectfully, both written and verbally

  • Bilingual skills helpful

  • Capable of independent decision making

  • Ability to manage multiple priorities

  • Excellent conflict resolution skills

  • Demonstrates integrity and fairness

  • Able to quickly and effectively adapt to new and changing situations

  • Desire for continuous improvement

  • Shows compassion towards and has an interest in others

  • Basic computer knowledge required

  • Good organizational skills

  • Able to work assigned hours/days, including occasional weekends as required

  • Good attendance and safety records

Relationships :

  • Internal: Employees on the production line and plant management

  • External: USDA and Union

Approved by : Sergio Lopez

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Posting Date: 05/23/2020 Closing Date: 06/02 /2020