Job Information


BASIC SKILLS AND QUALIFICATIONS:•Ability to comprehend simple instructions•Ability to apply common sense.•Ability to work in cool or warm temperatures•Ability to stand, stoop, and lift for 8-11 hours per day•Ability to multitask and work quickly•Must be a team player and be willing to work close to other employees.•Must have good communication skills.•Good hand and eye coordination required. PURPOSE: The purpose of this SOP is to educate all applicable employees on the specifics and task required when catching chickens and to increase the awareness of proper techniques.SCOPE: As a chicken catcher, you will need to catch certain amount of birds and know the proper placement techniques with birds being put into the cages.EXPECTED RESULTS: The expected results are as follows:a. To insure animal welfare guidelines are followedb. Count amount of birds loaded into the cagesDESCRIPTION OF ACTIVITIESCritical Task 1• Acquire and put on all required PPE (Safety glasses, safety vest, gloves (optional), arm sleeves (optional)).• Perform routine stretches before starting daily duties.Critical Task 2: • Walk the house (bed the birds)Critical Task 3 • Wait for cage to be set on blocksCritical Task 4• Open cage doorCritical Task 5• Catch correct amount of birdsCritical Task 6• Load birds in cage one hand at a time.Critical Task 7• Repeat process until cage is full.Critical Task 8• After proper amount of birds placed in cage, shut the cage doorEOE/M/F/Vet/Disabled.