Job Information

JBS USA CONTROL ROOM OPERATOR - Feed Mill in Mayfield, Kentucky

Control Room Operat or - Fee d Mill

This position the right finished feed at the right time in the right quantities for delivery to the growers. Insuring proper operation of the feed mill using the computer and automation as directed to complete each feed.

This position also requires flexibility in starting and stopping times and involves frequent shift changes to cover vacations and working demands. This position also involves some mandatory weekend work”.

General Responsibilities :

  • Perform measurement s of all the silos , liquid ingredients, micro bins, ingredient bins and finished feed bins.

  • Remove the magnet in mill and check and clean. Clean all caked up feed from the pellet mill.

  • Check the feed schedule provided by the dispatcher and tabulate what is on hand versus need. Take the inventory of finished feed needed for loads going out.

  • Control the flow of ingredients through the process till it is finished using the computer and automation by entering the batch formula into the computer.

  • Start up by grinding raw corn to the proper consistency.

  • Make sure the right bin s are used.

  • Start the corn and enter the formula to make the feed. As it begins to go into the grinders, monitor the load being placed on the driving motors.

  • Assist maintenance in restarting using radio communication to make sure restart is successful. This usually means a lot of manual operation of the open and close, on and off switches till the system can operate under proper load limits.

  • Once the incoming Control Room Operator arrives to relieve you, finish the feed you are mixing.

  • Shut down and allow the incoming Control Room Operator to perform the beginning procedures.

  • Perform maintenance on the micro bins.

  • Clean up the work station.

  • Must be able to communicate with vendors, drivers, production and management.

  • Essential sampling requirements and general feed mill housekeeping are also required duties.

  • Responsible for learning all jobs within the feed mill and covering vacations and vacancies.

  • Assist maintenance, quality assurance, and dispatcher when needed.

  • Assist truck drivers in getting loaded. Help in maintaining clean scales and a clean loading area.

    Skills Required:

    High School education or equivalent or past experience in feed milling.

    General computer knowledge with the ability to learn computerized control systems.

    Ability to multi-task.

    General Mechanical Knowledge with the ability to learn feed mill flows and conveying systems.

    Ability to operate a forklift and skid steer loader.

    Good written and verbal communication skills

    Physical Demands:

    This position operates mostly outside in extreme hot and cold temperatures. Eighty percent of the time, this position involves lifting in excess of 50 lbs., sweeping, shoveling and climbing stairs and ladders. This position also involves working off platforms and catwalks in excess of 100 feet in altitude. On occasion, long and continuous hours in a dusty environment. Must be physically able to wear and perform essential duties wearing a full-face respirator.

    At Pilgrim’s, Safety Is A Condition , which means the safety of our team members comes first - always.