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JBS USA PRODUCTION MANAGER in Moorefield, West Virginia

Position Description:

Position Description


Position Title:

Shift Production Manager


Reports to:

Operations Manager




Updated 12/21/18


Moorefield Prepared Foods

FLSA Status:

Salaried Exempt

Pay Grade:


Jerry Hughes


Position Summary: In two - four sentences, what are the end results or purpose of this job?

Directs and coordinates overall operations for a plant with aprox. 500 employees. Ensures that objectives are achieved at the lowest cost consistent with quality and Safety requirements. Delegates authority to key Managers/ supervisors/ Superintendents in production, production control, methods, cost accounting, maintenance and related operations. Directs all functions at the prepared foods site such as maintenance, manufacturing, production, purchasing, and administration

This individual carries out all managerial responsibilities of a highly effective work group in accordance with the organizations policies and applicable laws.

Essential Duties & Responsibilities: List from most important to least important

  • Directs production and ensures cost effectiveness and consistency with prescribed quality, accuracy and performance standards.

  • Maintains plant property and equipment in good condition to ensure compliance with governmental regulations and to ensure effective and economical operations.

  • Prepares and submits operating reports to management to inform them of the current production status and to make recommendations to improve efficiency and effectiveness.

  • Assures effective customer service and relations through timely delivery of quality product.

  • Selects, trains, develops and motivates manufacturing staff to maintain plant operation.

  • Assures compliance of all plant operations with company policy and Federal, state and local regulations.

  • May set production and processing goals for plant.

Confers with Facilities Manager, Safety Manager, QA Manager, Shift Superintendents and Production Supervisors to analyze production schedules to plan and project cost effective production processes..

Assures strict enforcement all safety, OSHA, FSIS, USDA and HACCP regulations.

Recommends and authorizes improvements to the Prepared Foods processes to enhance working conditions and proper utilization of highly technical equipment.

Supervisory Elements: Quantify and describe briefly (direct, hire, terminate, appraise, recommend, etc)

Manages approximately 30 subordinate salaried exempt partners in a plant of approximately 700 hourly workers. Provides managerial oversight on job assignments, scheduling and supervision. Responsible for instructing, evaluating, disciplining, and on going training

Decision Making Authority: Describe with examples and estimate of frequency

Has authority to make decisions and must be capable of working with or without direct supervision .

Customer Focus:

List principal contacts/customers

Internal: Work activities require daily contact with corporate officials, plant management, QA Managers, USDA. Inspectors, Safety Managers, Maintenance and Production Supervisors

External: Work activities require daily contact with outside agencies, vendors, other authorities as related all aspects of plant management..


Difficulty of Duties: Must be proficient and knowledgeable of all aspects of Moorefield Prepared Foods processing procedures, QA, USDA, all Safety procedures

Responsibility for Confidential Information: Must keep all proprietary information confidential

Education: College Degree preferred, or equivalent education and work experience.

Work Experience:

Technical Skills:

Language Skills: Must possess the ability to communicate and/or read and understand documents such as safety rules, work rules, HACCP, USDA, OSHA/SAFETY regulations, company policies and procedure manuals.

Math Skills: Ability to add, subtract, multiply and divide as needed.

Reasoning Ability: See list below:

 Must work in a respectful and cooperative manner with other workers, managers and supervisors

 Must possess the ability to apply commonsense understanding to guidelines furnished in written, oral, or diagram form.

 Must understand the budgeting process and work closely with accounting to operate a cost effective plant..