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Brenda Reel/Durenda Cook

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Updated 12/20/18


Moorefield Prepared Foods

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Jerry Hughes


Position Summary: In two - four sentences, what are the end results or purpose of this job?

This individual is responsible and accountable for the operations of the Quality Assurance Department on the designated shift..

Essential Duties & Responsibilities:

Assists QA Manager in training of both QA and/or production employees as needed.

Utilizes existing quality systems, resources and corporate procedures to ensure product and process quality.

Supervises all applicable quality programs and processes as per product specs to ensure food safety, regulatory compliance, product standards and customer standards are met.

Takes actions to assure that products, processes, facilities and systems conform to quality standards and governmental regulations.

Organizes and participates in internal audits to monitor processes, facilities, and quality systems. Participates in daily supervisor meetings on quality related matters.

Ensures quality/food safety monitoring information is documented and kept as per quality programs and regulatory standards by completing record keeping and ongoing verifications of records on the production floor at least twice per shift.

Responsible for completion and updating of shift’s QA tech job descriptions and training program for all new QA Techs.

Assures that Food Safety Programs (ex. HACCP, GMP, SSOP, Pathogen monitoring, foreign material prevention and control, Pest Control, Food Allergen Prevention and Control, others) are implemented and followed as mandated.

Prepares weekly reports for QA Manager on foreign material control, QA hold systems, (SAP and inter phase) , Product Recall/withdrawal and others as assigned.

Assists QA Manager in contacting suppliers on Quality Issues, customer complaints, and CN formulations/paperwork with grader on a daily basis.

Must gain knowledge and have a good understanding of all quality and food safety programs t be able to relate instructions to QA technicians and conduct daily audits of the product and process –responsible for the well being of all QA activities in his/her shift.

Investigates quality and food safety issues, reports findings to QA Manager and develops corrective actions and acts as a primary liaison on all Quality and Food Safety matters on the production floors and throughout the plant.

Must share daily information with opposite shift QA supervisor. Keep a good working relation with both management and hourly employees.

Must perform as a member of management with positive attitude and open minded.

Any other duties as assigned.

Supervisory Elements: Quantify and describe briefly (direct, hire, terminate, appraise, recommend, etc)

Provides Day to day oversight on job assignments, scheduling and supervision of 20 plus QA Techs and one QA Lead.

Responsible for instructing, evaluating, disciplining, and on going training.

Must gain knowledge of every one of the programs and policies put in place in the plant and complete documented training on these for all QA technicians at least twice per year.

Decision Making Authority: Describe with examples and estimate of frequency

Has authority to and must be able to make decisions regarding process / product, personnel, and must be capable of working with or without direct supervision. Must keep QA management informed at all times and of all decisions made.

Customer Focus:

List principal contacts/customers

Internal: Work activities require daily contact with plant management, QA Managers, etc.

External: Work activities require daily contact with outside companies, vendors, other authorities as related to QA Issues.


Difficulty of Duties: Must be proficient and knowledgeable of all aspects of QA, Food Safety, Recall procedures, daily scheduling and personnel-conflict management, others as assigned by QA manager, etc.

Responsibility for Confidential Information: Must be able to maintain high confidentially

Education: 4 Year College Degree, preferred in Food Science or related fields with a minimum of five Years quality assurance experience, preferable in fully cooked. Degree may be replaced with 8+ years of work experience in QA and or production in a supervisory level or similar in a fully cooked environment.

Language Skills: strong

Math Skills: strong

Reasoning Ability: A high degree of reasoning ability is associated with this position.

Integral Knowledge & Skills:

Qualifications to perform full job at acceptable level

Must have good understanding of microbiology/food pathogens, HACCP, SSOP, GMP, Foreign material prevention and control, USDA regulations, Pest Control, Food Allergens, and process control methods such as SPC, among others

Anticipated Work Schedule:

Normal work week: 40+

Typical hours per week: As Needed

Overtime: Exempt

Evenings/weekends: As Needed

When the person filling this job is absent, his/her duties are performed by the Crew Lead /HACCP Coordinator/QA Manager or both as needed.