Job Information

JBS USA TRANSPORTATION MANAGER - APS/UHS Contract Region in Russellville, Arkansas

Nature of Position:

This person will manage all aspects of the scheduling and logistics of market hog and feeder pig movements in their region. This position will be an integral part of driving system development and daily operations efficiency. This is an “on call” position, meaning that the individual in this role must be accessible outside of normal working hours.

Essential Functions:

(Order of essential functions does not indicate importance of function)

  1. Responsible for establishing, maintaining, and communicating movement schedules to all pertinent individuals including, but not limited to field staff, contract haulers and plants.

  2. Work with all parties to ensure product specifications are met throughout all phases of delivery.

  3. Responsible for ongoing measurement of key performance metrics and for establishing action for continuous improvement.

  4. Will work with animal welfare, field staff, producers, truckers, and plants on issues that arise regarding animal handling and transport.

  5. Will partner with the grow finish team, pig flow specialist and regional director to develop strategies to minimize freight costs and improve efficiencies.

  6. Responsible for creating, implementing, and auditing the SOP’s and policies that pertain to function for the position. These functions pertain to but are not limited to biosecurity, truck washes, trailer requirements, driver requirements and site management related to the delivery and shipment of swine.

  7. Responsible for managing processes to ensure that PQA and TQA guidelines are being met or exceeded.

  8. Responsible for managing all contract hauler relationships, including, but not limited to contracts, regulatory compliance, and safety.

  9. Must understand pig flow at all levels of the system including weaned pig and feeder pig/overstock movements.

Success Factors:

  • Able to act in solving problems while exhibiting judgment and a systematic approach to decision making.

  • Able to react to a work environment that will change day to day as unexpected things occur in the production system.

  • Able to work with people in such a manner to build high morale, create positive energy, and focused commitments to goals and objectives.

  • Able to establish and carry out specific courses of action for self and/or groups in an independent manner; willing to commit to long hours of work and personal sacrifice to reach goals.

  • Self-motivated and able to organize and prioritize tasks.

Job Qualifications:


  • Extensive knowledge of logistics or commercial swine production

  • Proficient in Microsoft Office, particularly Excel, and related software

  • Be on call at all times (excluding vacation)

  • Ability to effectively communicate orally and in writing in a positive manner


  • Bachelor’s degree in agriculture field or logistics field

  • 2 years’ experience related to this position

Working Conditions:

  • General climate-controlled office environment

  • Temperature at work sites will vary depending upon season and location

  • Exposure to various elements inherent with agriculture production

  • The noise level in the work environment is general moderate .

Our Mission

To be the best in all that we do, completely focused on our business, ensuring the best products and services for customers, a relationship of trust with our suppliers, profitability for our shareholders and the opportunity of a better future for all of our team members.

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