Job Information

JBS USA Fabrication Production Supervisor in Souderton, Pennsylvania


Operations Management (Live, Plant, Feed mill) Souderton, Pennsylvania


Position at JBS USA Food Company


  • Describe necessary knowledge and skills, and type and amount of formal schooling.

  • Work experience normally acquired to attain

  • Minimum High School diploma or GED equivalent

  • Minimum 1-2 years background experience in packing house (beef preferred) to learn about the various products that are produced

  • Knowledge of products and their specifications is essential.

  • Communication skills

  • Ability to motivate workers

  • Bilingual important, but not mandatory as long as translators are in line area.


  • Insure the quality and yields of products on the line.

  • Supervise all hourly employees on the line.

  • Responsible for the safety and motivation of all employees supervised.

  • Insure that all products leaving the line area meet required specifications.

  • Prepare pre-operational paperwork and insure the line is clean and sanitized before the day’s operations begin.

  • Insure area is properly staffed to meet production needs.

  • Prepare employee paperwork for all employees on the line.

  • Work tasks on butt line are relatively structured the same each day.

  • Job performance is measured by the General Foreman: Fabrication on such criteria as the overall productivity of the area and how well supervisor manages hourly employees.

  • Understand and adhere to all union regulations in regard to hourly employees.

  • Attend and give input at daily supervisor meetings within the fabrication area.

  • Run line meetings once a month for hourly employees on line.

  • Responsible for administering follow-up training on all personnel on line.

  • Directly responsible for discipline procedures with hourly employees on the line. These may range from verbal warnings to terminations.