Job Information

JBS USA MOPAC- DOT SAFETY MANAGER in Souderton, Pennsylvania


Transportation Safety Manager

Primary Purpose:

This position directs the transportation safety management process and provides overall support and guidance to the Transportation and management staffs. The manager coordinates with the Transportation team in crafting short and long term strategies to build and maintain a culture of “safety first” within the Transportation organization. The manager introduces and oversees systems and activities to maintain oversight of regulatory compliance status; provides training and professional development for management and CMV operators; coordinates and manages the crash management process; conducts audits and inspections of the transportation safety management process; and monitors metrics and indices reflecting performance.

Key Responsibilities:

Ensuring compliance with state and federal regulations regarding the various aspects of tran sportation and workplace safety, including but not limited to:

  • Driver selection, hiring and qualification process

  • Driver orientation and onboarding/assimilation

  • Driver Qualification –ensuring and maintaining all aspects of driver qualification(Driver Fitness – CFR 391.)

  • Controlled Substance and Alcohol testing and compliance

  • Hours of Service compliance

  • Driver Training

  • Vehicle and equipment compliance - to include maintaining roadside inspection documentation and managing roadside inspection issues

  • Vehicle crashes

Establishing and communicating a vision for a “Safety First – Protect Life” culture and directing the Transportation staff and Driver team to achieve this vision. This will include but not be limited to:

  • Setting and communicating clear expectations to reach the vision, and enforcing compliance

  • Maintain accuracy and comprehensiveness of the Driver Policy and Procedure Manual, to include annual updates at minimum

  • Maintain the Driver Recognition program for those complying with stated expectations

  • Maintain the Driver Discipline program for those not complying with stated expectations

  • Daily communication of a safety thought to the Driver team and Transportation staff

  • Intentional interaction with Driver team and Transportation staff to discuss the vision, listen to learn what challenges they face in in their attempt to achieve it, and address those challenges

  • Regular Driver training opportunities to equip the driver team and to reinforce our vision

  • Weekly report to Transportation staff detailing progress toward reaching safety KPI’s

  • Monitor CSA Basic scores and direct the effort to improve them

Implementing, coordinating and overseeing the elements of a Crash /Loss Management process , including but not limited to:

  • Reporting process

  • Documentation

  • Investigation (includes determination of preventability)

  • Management (includes interface with claims management provider)

Skills/Knowledge Required:

  • Intermediate knowledge of Word/Excel/PowerPoint

  • Working knowledge of the Federal and State safety laws, particularly FMCSA and OSHA standards

  • Ability to analyze and identify risk trends, problems and solutions

  • Ability to express ideas clearly and concisely using appropriate mediums (ex: face-to-face, email, and presentations), listen effectively, demonstrate understanding, and clarify meaning for others

  • Ability to analyze, define, diagnose, and resolve problems based on sound logic and rationale.

  • Ability to develop, coach, and mentor others including the ability to provide development experiences and network opportunities, advise, and teach to prepare others for effective job performance

  • Ability to interact cooperatively and collaboratively with others as a team, including those holding divergent and/or opposing view and goals

  • Understand and apply meaningful operations and safety performance metrics

  • Ability to lead and influence in a matrix organization

  • Ability to plan and execute events, safety meetings, accident review meetings, and safety celebrations

  • Develop and communicate informative presentations and strategies for stakeholders and managers to gain understanding and consensus