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JBS USA QA Lead Staley Hatchery in Staley, North Carolina

Summary of Opening:

This individual will be responsible for conducting hatchery quality assurance assessments including fertility, hatchability and chick quality evaluations. Hatchery quality assurance reports will be produced using Excel spreadsheets, MTech, SAP and distributed through the E-Mail system.

Description of Duties/Qualifications:

  • Must take a basic math test for evaluation purposes only.

  • Will be required to candle 10-14 day old incubated eggs, to collect fertility %, early dead %, mid dead % and also upside down eggs and.

  • Will be responsible for completing an egg pack quality audit of each breeder flock on a 5 week rotating schedule.

  • Normal work days are Monday-Friday 5 AM-3 PM. Some hours on weekend days may be required at times to collect info on transfer and 12 hour per-pulls or to fill in for transfer vaccine mixer or transfer lead.

  • Will be required to collect chick rectal temp., transfer crack % information. Also may travel to farms to get rectal temp from chicks on delivery as well as help with delivery if needed.

  • Will be responsible for conducting hatch residue breakouts as well as generating reports on findings for these breakouts

  • Be able to work in the hot environment, machines run up to 100.0 degrees, be able to lift 20# from areas over their head to their feet.

  • Will be expected to learn to back up all lead positions and vaccine mixing positions.

  • Generate weekly reports to put together all info collected, for breeder department and also for use by hatchery to report numbers on HOF and egg pack quality from breeder farms.

  • Will be responsible for communicating large week to week differences on candling fertility and residue breakout information to hatchery and breeder management.

  • Will be responsible for keeping up with machine temperature and chemical pump calibrations including formaldehyde and peroxide systems.

  • Other task will be discussed when team member is interviewed.

  • Computer knowledge of word, excel and data entry skills preferred

  • Must have good organizational skills and self motivated.

  • Excellent reading, writing, communication and math skills.

  • Preference will be given to those with hatchery or live broiler experience .


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