Job Information

JBS USA Control Room Operator - 3rd Shift in Tuscumbia, Alabama

At Pilgrim’s, Safety Is A Condition, which means the safety of our team members comes first - always.

We have implemented safety measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19. We are working to ensure social distancing guidelines are followed within our facility. Each day, temperature screens are performed for each employee and visitor before entering the facility. Face coverings are available to all team members and enhanced cleaning and sanitation is regularly performed.Pay $ 15.31

  • P erform a “hand” measurement of all the silos. This is done in feet.

  • Perform a “hand” measurement of all liquid ingredients (i.e. fat, and cholide. LSS).

  • Remove the magnet in mill and check and clean. Clean all caked up feed from the pellet mill.

  • Update the board-finished feed. This is an eraser board that all concerned with feed inventories will monitor and update. At the beginning of each shift, the first shift Control Room Operator will take the inventory. All will keep the board updated.

  • Check the feed schedule provided by the dispatcher and tabulate what is on hand versus need.

  • Receive incoming trucks with various ingredients.

  • Control the flow of ingredients through the process till it is finished using the computer and automation by entering the batch formula into the computer.

  • Start up by grinding raw corn to the proper consistency.

  • Make sure the right bin is used. Make sure the fat tanks and liquid tanks are locked and opened for the proper trucks to unload.

  • Start the corn and enter the formula to make the feed. As it begins to go into the grinders, monitor the load being placed on the driving motors. Do not place a load on the motors greater than 95%, or you will run the risk of burning up the drive. As the mix begins to mesh, the load on the drive motors can be increased as long as it does not exceed 95%.

  • Finished pellet product takes about one hour. Other batches require half an hour.

  • Work with the barge operator and venders insuring room for all incoming raw products. In case of a power outage, help maintenance, and all concerned with feed clean up. This also involves the cleaning out of the funnel where feed will cake up and block the auger system

  • Assist maintenance in restarting using radio communication to make sure restart is successful. This usually means a lot of manual operation of the open and close, on and off switches till the system can operate under proper load limits.

  • Once the incoming Control Room Operator arrives to relieve you, finish the feed you are mixing.

  • Shut down and allow the incoming Control Room Operator to perform the beginning procedures.

  • Update the feed board.

  • Change the fuel tanks on the fork lift when empty.

  • Perform maintenance on the micro bins.

  • Clean up the work station.


  • Fill in for vacationing and/or absent crew members. Assist maintenance, quality assurance, and dispatcher when needed.

  • Assist truck drivers in getting loaded. Help in maintaining clean scales and a clean loading area.

  • Assist Q.A in filling the micro bins with drugs.


  • Repetitive motion includes back, shoulder, arm, wrist, hand, and finger movement.

  • Employee must be able to lift 100 lbs. from floor level to full extension of the arm and forearm above the head 30 times in a three-hour period.

  • Must be able to walk distances exceeding 100 feet one way 30 times in a three-hour period, and covering an area that exceeds 5 acres.

  • Must be able to ascend and descend a 30 tread staircase 30 times in a three-hour period.

  • Must be able to work in confined or restricted work areas 3 hours in duration.

  • Must be able to work in wet to arid working conditions with temperature ranges 0 to 95 degrees Fahrenheit for a ten-hour period of time.

  • Must be able to work at heights exceeding 200 feet with little or no confinement.